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Ruach Gordon

Ruach Gordon is a professional Muay Thai fighter from Israel, known for his striking ability and technical prowess. Renowned in the international Muay Thai community, Gordon’s dedication to the sport is evident in his disciplined training regimen and impressive performances in the ring.

History was made when Ruach Gordon won the King’s Cup 2023, while the Queen’s Cup 2023 went to Gumlaipetch Petchyindee Academy. As the IFMA World Champion and most outstanding male athlete of the IFMA World Championships 2023, Gordon faced off against the champion Jaotapee Sor Pannarangsee from Thailand. Demonstrating why he was voted the most outstanding athlete, Gordon put on a stellar performance, showcasing his full arsenal of the 8 Limbs of Muay Thai from the opening bell. Both athletes fought intensely, but it was Gordon who emerged victorious, earning his place in history with his King’s Cup 2023 win.

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