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David ( Dudi ) Ben Zaken


David ( Dudi ) Ben Zaken – Owner and Coach at Teampact

David Ben Zaken is a skilled Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) practitioner and mixed martial artist. He is a two-time European Champion in the No Gi category and has also won several other prestigious tournaments, including the San Diego Open, Poznan Open, Amsterdam Open, and Tel Aviv Open.

David Ben Zaken is known for his technical proficiency and strategic approach to grappling. He is a respected member of the BJJ community and has trained with some of the top coaches and fighters in the sport.

In addition to his competitive accomplishments, David Ben Zaken is also a dedicated instructor and coach. He is the founder of Team PACT MMA & BJJ, a training center based in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he helps to develop the skills of aspiring fighters and martial artists.

Overall, David Ben Zaken is a talented and respected figure in the world of BJJ and MMA. His achievements and contributions to the sport have earned him a reputation as one of the top practitioners in his field.


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